Thau Lagoon

From the cradle of our shellfish farming activity in Marseillan to the distant lagoons, via our R&D office and all our reception areas (oyster bar, restaurant, oyster therapy).

Our sites are so many surprises and experiences that we invite you to share and whose history begins on the Thau lagoon.


oyster farm of Marseillan,
the cradle of the solar tide

It is on this site, which combines tradition, invention and technology, that the Spéciales Tarbouriech and the first certified organic shellfish were born.

Site mainly dedicated to oysters, 4800 m2 of processing rooms and laboratories, 1750 m2 of ponds.


Frontignan treatment centre

An ultramodern site dedicated to the treatment of moulds, innovative in terms of environmental protection and waste treatment.

Site dedicated to the ennoblement of moulds, 3500 m2 of treatment rooms and laboratories, 1750 m2 of ponds.


Scardovari Lagoon

In Italy, in the Po Delta, a lagoon of incredible richness and bewitching beauty.

En 2015, le Delta du Pô est reconnu Réserve de BiospIn 2015, the Po Delta was recognised as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. This designation is given to model areas that reconcile sustainable development and biodiversity conservation.

An ideal setting for the development of our shellfish, bred with respect for the environment, a core value of Maison Tarbouriech.


Ostras del Sol :
Oyster farm of the Ebro Delta Tarbouriech Spain.

The meeting of two passions to extend the adventure on a new enchanted lagoon.
It is on the Mediterranean coast, in the hollow of the Deta de l’Ebre, that we found an area suitable for oyster farming, where the technique of gluing is already used, that we were able to implement our method of farming the solar tide


Tarbouriech Japan

It is in the Kumihama Lagoon that we found waters with exceptional qualities and people motivated by this innovative project.

The adventure began in 2018, in the waters where the crassostreas gigas, nicknamed the Japanese oyster, is grown, and where our breeding method began to be implemented.


Ostréa Tahiti

At the beginning of 2020, the project to make oysters for the table in the land of the pearl oyster took shape. it was in the bay of Faratea that we found a team willing to test the deployment of our breeding method to fight against the local disease: polydora.

 Our Polynesian subsidiary was born out of our desire to launch a farm in Tahiti to raise oysters for human consumption in order to significantly reduce imports of oysters raised in mainland France or New Zealand.

It is therefore a life-size ostreiculture 2.0 experiment that is being launched in partnership with public authorities, stakeholders and local scientists. Ostrea Tahiti is experimenting on the endemic species Saccostréa Cucullata and Echinata to control reproduction and breeding on ropes. 

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