The Maison Tarbouriech produces its own mussel production in France on its lines opposite Sète in the Mediterranean Sea.

Mussels are seafood which, like fruit and vegetables on land, follow a seasonal pattern.
It is therefore to offer you the best possible product according to the season that La Maison Tarbouriech, beyond its own production, has created partnerships for more than 40 years with suppliers in different producing countries.

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Seasonality and origin

The Mussels

Traditionally, the mussel spat strings are immersed in the lagoon under the tables. Like the oysters, the exceptional quality of the waters of the Thau lagoon allows them to develop a generous flesh in size and taste.

In 1989, tests were carried out to raise mussels in the Mediterranean Sea on sub-surface lines. Tarbouriech, a partner in this adventure, produced mussels for more than 10 years using this technique. In the 2000s, strong attacks by sea breams threatened the viability of this production, which is now marginal.
In spite of the constraints and to preserve the profession, the Tarbouriech company continued to raise the genuine French Mediterranean mussels at sea on its lines opposite Sète, from the spat to the plate.


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