The Solar Tide

Sharing taste and beauty

Our exceptional creations are conceived and developed for your pleasure and without compromise.

They all benefit from experience and patience. They offer you the best of nature and of man’s work. Inimitable, they will reveal all their treasures, both gustatory and aesthetic.

The Speciale Tarbouriech Oyster

The special Tarbouriech oyster is unique

As beautiful as it is delicious, a top-of-the-range oyster raised between land and lagoon by the Marée Solaire.

A surprising texture
A fleshy oyster with crispy muscle

The Tarbouriech special oyster is distinguished above all by its texture. Firm, fleshy, crunchy and melting at the same time, it knows how to surprise and seduce the amateurs and the finest gourmets.

A balanced and refined taste
Sweet and sour

Finely iodised and surprisingly sweet, Spéciale Tarbouriech is an invitation to travel, to discover the Thau lagoon which gives it its rich and balanced taste, surprising and so exceptional. A perfect balance between iodine and sweetness with subtle aromas of hazelnut and mushroom. A remarkable length in the mouth.

Wavy, pink, mother of pearl…
A beautiful shell

Aged for at least 3 years, Tarbouriech’s special oysters are selected with the greatest care. Their precious mother-of-pearl is exceptionally white, their shell is slightly pink, as is their lace which seems to be chiselled into the material, like an almost perfect imperfection. A thick and robust shell with unique undulations and shapes.

The Seven Oyster

Born of a dream

“I dreamed of a different oyster to show my friends, a festive oyster to be enjoyed standing up,
a small and fleshy oyster, crunchy and generous, with a white and pink colour.
This is how we came up with Seven, our 7th creation.
Its texture and flavours are as inimitable as the iridescence of its mother-of-pearl.
Enter the Tarbouriech universe… “

Florie Tarbouriech

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