The Tarbouriech Reserve Oyster

The Grand Cru of Mediterranean oysters.

“By offering this oyster the best of the lagoon and the sun thanks to the flooding, the Reserve Tarbouriech oyster”

Romain Tarbouriech.

Traditionally in the Mediterranean, oysters are produced thanks to a unique know-how: gluing.
The oysters are still today glued one by one by hand on ropes and suspended under breeding tables and thus obtain a very regular shape.
In addition to this traditional method, the oysters are washed:
Taking the oysters out of the water by lifting them at least once a week helps to give them a sweet and delicate taste, to make their flesh firm and their shells resistant. This additional step allows the oysters to benefit from all the benefits of our region in the water as well as in the sun.
After more than 18 months between the lagoon, the mistral and the tramontane, taking advantage of the benefits of the sea, the air and the sun,
Florent Tarbouriech, selects the most beautiful oysters of the Mediterranean Sea: these oysters will be able to claim the appellation of “Reserve”: guaranteeing a traceability of the rope of breeding to the consumer, a rate of flesh of a Special, and an optimal freshness.
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