Mediterranean oysters

Mediterranean oysters are distinguished by their farming method: gluing.

This traditional technique, unique in France, allows us to obtain oysters of a very regular shape (very conical) with a characteristic iodine taste. Indeed, when they are about 3 cm long, the oysters are glued one by one on supports. These racks, which are suspended from tables, are immersed in the lagoon while the oysters are growing. In this way, the oysters can develop freely and benefit from the elements essential for their growth. The great biological richness and the quality of the waters of the Thau lagoon (as shown by the presence of species that are very sensitive to pollution, such as seahorses and certain species of algae) contribute to the highly coveted taste of Bouzigues oysters.

Our range of oysters will allow you to discover :

Traditional oysters from Bouzigues, but also reserve oysters from Tarbouriech and special oysters from Tarbouriech bred at solar tide…

Huîtres spéciales réserve par Tarbouriech, exondées une fois par semaine

La Réserve Tarbouriech

Huitres de bouzigues, étang de thau par Tarbouriech

Bouzigues Oysters

Huîtres spéciales Tarbouriech, les huîtres roses solaires

Spéciales Tarbouriech Oysters

Seven Oysters

Raised in an idyllic environment

The Etang de Thau is the traditional site of oyster farming in Bouzigues.
We are in Marseillan.
The exceptional richness of the lagoon lies in its biotope, between fresh water and the Mediterranean.
It is a sort of small inland sea, with a depth of between 3 and 6 metres.

The catchment area is supplied with fresh water by numerous small streams. In Balaruc, there is a powerful hot spring whose lime carbonate content is very favourable to the growth of oysters. The pond communicates with the Mediterranean Sea through two openings: Sète and Marseillan.  It is particularly rich in phytoplankton (microalgae formed by UV rays which oysters feed on). A rare and very important balance is created here between salty sea water and fresh water, which is very important for shellfish and fish.

The southern climate and the sunshine further enhance exchanges and photosynthesis. This exceptional ecosystem contributes to the development of all the natural species living in the pond and, above all, to the quality of the oysters.

The Thau lagoon is not only beautiful, the quality of its waters allows the proliferation of protected species such as the seahorse.
This richness, close to the big cities, is due to a conservation policy.
 The Maison Tarbouriech makes a major contribution to this, not only as an economic agent, but also through its role as a driving force for collective action.

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