Speciale TARBOURIECH Oyster

“Spéciale Tarbouriech oyster was born from my desire to offer an exceptional product to the most demanding gourmets.
Until 2007, Mediterranean oysters were not able to find their place in haute cuisine. By inventing the Marée Solaire, we have given our oysters the best of the sea and the sun.

Rosied by the sun’s rays, polished by the waves, dressed in an inimitable mother-of-pearl, the Spéciale Tarbouriech oyster is unique: it is as beautiful as it is delicious. The particularity of the Spéciale Tarbouriech lies as much in its Mediterranean origins as in its innovative and sustainable breeding method.

Today, my son Romain, has inherited all my secrets and lovingly raises our “Tarbouriech Specials”.

Florent Tarbouriech

The Tarbouriech Special Oyster is unique: it is as beautiful as it is delicious.
A top-of-the-range oyster bred with the Marée Solaire.

A surprising texture – A fleshy oyster with crunchy muscle

L’Huître Spéciale Tarbouriech se distingue avant tout par sa texture. Ferme, charnue, croquante et fondante à la fois, elle sait surprendre et séduire les amateurs et les plus fins gourmets.

A well-balanced and refined taste – sweet and sour

Finely iodised and surprisingly sweet, the Spéciale Tarbouriech is an invitation to travel, to discover the Thau lagoon which gives it its rich and balanced taste, surprising and so exceptional. A perfect balance of iodine and sweetness with subtle aromas of hazelnut and mushroom and a remarkable length in the mouth.

Undulated, pink, pearly… – A precious shell

Raised for at least 3 years, the Tarbouriech Special Oysters are selected with the greatest care.their precious mother-of-pearl is of an exceptional whiteness, their shell is slightly pink, as well as their lace which seems to be chiselled in the material, like an almost perfect imperfection.a thick and robust shell with undulations and a unique shape

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