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Sharing our innovations

We are proud of our innovations and what they bring to our daily lives.

However, the world we dream of is an open world of shared ideas and values. That’s why we put the best of our technologies and methods at your disposal.éthodes.

Nous vous propo

We offer you the opportunity to become a patent holder in France (via Médithau SAS) or internationally (via Th’O Lagoon).
We can also provide you with assistance and advice, through our Prod’IA entity, in the preparation, implementation and follow-up phases.

You too can become a partner of the Maison Tarbouriech.

Become an exceptional oyster producer thanks to the Solar Tide

Producing exceptional oysters

Are you a passionate oyster farmer? The environment in which you raise your oysters is rich and favourable to the cultivation of exceptional oysters? Would you like to improve the quality of your oysters? Are you interested in our know-how? Do you share our perfectionism and excellence is your quest? Do you want to take advantage of the reputation of a leading oyster brand in the gastronomy sector in France and abroad?

The solar tide is for you!

Let’s create together a partnership for the production of Tarbouriech © oysters.

By creating a totally new and patented breeding method that allows us to create a controlled tide in sunny lagoons rich in plankton, we master the production of excellent oysters.

We provide you with

An innovative, patented and sustainable breeding process

The solar tide:
– Collage on ropes
– Creation of a suitable suspension structure
– Mechanism powered by renewable energy, wind and – photovoltaic
– Patented program of water exit cycles
– Exondation
– Remote control by our optimised software
– Design using environmentally friendly materials and devices
– Purification and finishing in internal tanks
– Luxury packaging

The support of a team

– Breeding
– Engineering
– Project monitoring
– Quality assurance
– Trade and distribution

Innovative marketing

– Support and advice
– Strategic marketing
– A graphic charter that can be adapted
– A brand recognised in France and abroad in the gastronomy sector


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