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All our shellfish are raised using a technique that is widespread around the Thau Basin: gluing. In order to compensate for the lack of tides in the Mediterranean, our products are raised in suspension.


Discover the characteristics of Bouzigues oysters enhanced by the farming environment and our production techniques.


The breeding and marketing of mussels is an integral part of our activities and benefits from the same care as our oysters.


Our shellfish are raised using a technique that is widespread around the Thau lagoon. Shipping is a process that is carried out in several stages. At Tarbouriech, this process is composed of five distinct stages, from the selection of our products to packaging.

Oyster farming


Bouzigues oysters are distinguished by their method of farming: collage. This traditional technique, unique in France, produces oysters with a very regular shape (very conical) and a characteristic iodine flavour. When they are about 3 cm long, the oysters are glued one by one on supports. These supports, suspended from tables, will be immersed in the lagoon while the oysters grow. The oysters can therefore develop freely and draw the elements necessary for their growth. The high biological richness and the quality of the waters of the Thau lagoon (as shown by the presence of species that are very sensitive to pollution, such as seahorses, slugs and certain species of algae) contribute to the highly sought-after taste of Bouzigues oysters.

The Exquise and Tradition oysters, which have obtained the first Product Conformity Certification label in France (CCP), benefit from special monitoring from the moment they are cultivated. Grown on ropes by referenced producers, they guarantee traceability from the producer to the consumer and “superior” characteristics: optimal freshness, shape index, meat content ……

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Bouzigues Oysters

Spéciales Tarbouriech Oysters

Seven Oysters

Mussel Farming



Traditionally, the mussel spat strings are immersed in the lagoon under the tables. Like the oysters, the exceptional quality of the waters of the Thau lagoon allows them to develop a generous flesh in size and taste.

In 1989, tests were carried out to raise mussels in the Mediterranean Sea on sub-surface lines. Médithau, a partner in this venture, produced mussels for more than 10 years using this technique. In the 2000s, heavy attacks by sea breams threatened the viability of this production, which is now marginal.


Our product selection

Based on his experience as a producer of rope mussels in the Mediterranean, Florent Tarbouriech met producers who use the same breeding technique, travelling through France, Spain, Italy and Greece.
Today, thanks to the rigorous selection of the best products in the most favourable seasons, Médithau is the specialist in rope mussels from Southern Europe. This expertise is the result of regular visits to the production sites in order to be as close as possible to the producers and to monitor changes in the quality of the products.

The other shellfish are carefully selected from referenced producers and fishermen. Their supply capacity, compliance with current legal standards, the freshness of the products and their intrinsic characteristics are the key elements of the partnerships that Médithau enters into.

Finally, as part of its commitment to sustainable development, Médithau wants to work with responsible partners who protect their environment. Médithau’s specifications now commit its suppliers to minimising their impact on the environment, particularly by recycling their waste and respecting their production sites.


All incoming shellfish are assigned a batch number. The identification of the batch will be followed throughout the shellfish circuit in order to provide complete and transparent traceability on all our products..

Reception and purification

The shellfish received are immediately washed (and degreased for the mussels) to be put in tanks. 1350 m3 of tanks allow for the storage of shellfish in optimal biomass conditions.
To guarantee impeccable bacteriological quality, Médithau purifies the shellfish as long as necessary.

Sizing and sorting

The shellfish are taken out of the tanks and washed again. They are mechanically graded and then sorted by hand before being packaged.



Médithau offers many types of packaging.
In addition to traditional packaging in bags and wooden crates, top-of-the-range oysters are sold in wicker baskets and many shellfish can be vacuum-packed. The latter process allows for the production of convenient, ready-to-use products that are very popular with consumers. Our customers also appreciate the ease of handling, storage and display of these products.

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